A day in the life….

What a last 24 hours we’ve had….  Barbara was up until 1.25am this morning.  She was preparing for the Green Tourism Business Scheme Inspectors who arrived today to assess how green our business is becoming.

We prepared a comprehensive (35 page) document addressing each and every one of the Green Inspector’s checkpoints – it brought the consultant back out in Mark who QA’d everything from his bed.

The Inspectors arrived at 11.15 this morning and started grilling us immediately…  Good job we have fully prepared….    Half way through our “inquisition”, the little red van pulled up the drive, Barney (our mutt) became terribly excited (the postman always has a treat for him) and our mail was delivered.   Barney returned to his bed.

We took 5 minutes out to open our post….  And hey presto, there was a letter from Visit Britain advising us that all three of our self-catering cottages had received a special Gold Award for quality of accommodation and service excellence.   It was marvellous…. and in front of the Green Inspectors.  What wonderful timing.  There is a Green God up there!

The Inspectors left us at 3.30pm.  We’re not sure what award we will get, although the Inspector did say that we hadn’t done enough to get a Gold Award from the Green folks.  Hey ho.  Two Golds in one day – only Mark Spitz achieved this (for those of you old enough to remember his swimming exploits at the olympics).

The adrenalin rush inspired us to prepare a press release announcing our success.  We sent it to the local Cornwall mags, the West Briton and to Coast…  and to hell with it we thought…  we sent it to Conde Naste as well!

We’re now sat in our kitchen, elated, but tired.  Will we be working through until 1am tomorrow morning?….  errrr….  definitely not!