A new pecking order on the ground

With this cold weather and frozen ground we have had more birds than ever at the feeders and on the ground below them at Roundhouse Barns. A new addition has been the pied wagtail – a very pretty bird – new to our garden although we have seen them on the beach and there is often one on the King Harry Ferry!

He is however a bit of a bully and will chase away the chaffinches and the robins – although seems to know to leave the blackbirds alone.

I managed to count  8 chaffinches, three robins, over ten bluetits, three coal tits, two great tits, two green finches, four blackbirds, a collared dove and the wagtail before something startled them and they flew into the bushes Рall except the wagtail who seems to be a bit of a cool character and only flies off when we open the door.

Don’t forget to keep feeding the birds in this weather – and leave some water for them if you can – I am having to put fresh warm water out two or three times a day as it freezes over every so often.

Looks like the cold snap is about to end for Cornwall though – we have a forecast of between 4c and 10c for the rest of the week.