And the mobile phone goes around and around

We said goodbye a few days ago to two lovely guests from Plymouth – Paul and Nicola.

We thought they had enjoyed their stay with us, but an hour or so after they checked out, we saw them walking back down our driveway – were they here to check in again?…

Oh no, Nicola thought she had left her mobile phone in their room.

So we all searched high – no sign of the thing….

We searched low – Mark even crawled under the bed to look despite his bad back.  No luck there either.   The bathroom….  not there…  The dining room – nope…  The check out desk – no luck there either….

“Nicola, have you tried looking in the car – are you sure it’s not slid under the front seat.  Use our home phone and call it…..” we said.

No luck.  The car was silent.  Not even the faintest ting-a-ling ling.

Nicola left convinced that she was losing it a bit.  She gave us Paul’s mobile number and their home phone number in case  we did find it somewhere.  Lord knows where we thought, we’ve looked everywhere.

We bade them farewell again and settled down to a cup of tea – only to be interrupted by the beeps of one of our bloomin’ appliances – was it the dishwasher, the tumble drier or the or the washing machine.  T’was the washing machine this time.

We dragged the load out of the machine into the laundry basket and returned to our cuppa and a chat.

Twenty minutes later we finally decided to attend to the pile of clean but damp bedding.  We hauled it to the washing line – and hey presto – out pops a gleaningly clean but completely useless mobile phone and an even cleaner mobile phone case…

The lesson – if your mobilephone is dirty, we’ll clean it but we can’t guarantee it will work again!

We called Paul and Nicola – they were actually relieved we’d found it even though it was completely useless.

Hey ho!…  another fine day at Roundhouse Barns