Baby Grey Seals spotted at last

We were beginning to get worried that there were no seal pups this year but finally we have spotted two pups along with the dozen or so adults that winter near Killigerran Head. They are already looking grey rather than fluffy white so must have been born before Christmas. You need to visit soon if you want to catch them as they usually swim away in February /March time.

We also have our practically full time resident, huge male seal who can be spotted down at Turnaware two or three times a week. He has been joined by a couple of other younger seals this year – who also keep bobbing up out of the water to see whats going on at the beach, especially if the dogs are splashing in and out of the water.  Never quite sure who is watching who sometimes!

Also down at Turnaware our pair of mute swans have produced four grey cygnets.

Next stop is down at Percuil to see if the herons are building their nests yet!