A Beautiful Roseland Walk

Straight out of the gates of Roundhouse Barn is a beautiful walk down to Turnaware Beach. Turn right out of our drive and follow the concrete road all the way down.

On your left are amazing views across the Fal River – look out for Feock, Loe Beach and Mylor and see the docks and Pendennis Castle at Falmouth. Early morning and evenings you may see one of the local gig teams out practising for the World Championships which are held on the Scilly Isles every May.


Pass the memorial to the troops who left the beach here to land in Omaha in World War 2, mainly American, most of them did not survive, a sobering thought.


When you get to the beach look across the river to Trelissick House (National Trust) and it’s glorious parkland. if you listen carefully you can hear the King Harry Ferry clanking along on it’s chains just around a bend in the river.

At high tides you may well spot grey seals playing and at low tide all sorts of bird life – from grey herons to egrets, greenshanks and oystercatchers can all be seen if you are quiet! Also in the mud you will see oysters, mussels and other shellfish – look but don’t touch, as you need a license to pick them!

Find the remains of the piers that were built out into the river for landing craft in the Second World War, hence the concrete road all the way down to the river.

Take the path that goes up through the woods and follows the creek, this is Camerance Woods and is ancient oak woodland. The path zig zags it’s way back to join the lane.


At this time of year keep an eye out for green woodpeckers who are very noisy and relatively easy to see without any leaves on the trees.

Violets and primroses are everywhere, with bluebells just peeking up through the undergrowth.

Its a bit harder coming back up the hill, but there is so much to see it will take your mind off it!

Back at Roundhouse Barns treat yourself to a well earned cup of tea and maybe one of Mark’s scones!