Bird Spotting on Roundhouse Barn walks

Guests have always enjoyed the varied birdlife here, but we have had some unusual sightings this week, which  I just had to tell you about. On the birdfeeders, as well as the usual bluetits, great tits, green finches, chaffinches and everyone’s  favourite the beautiful goldfinches, we have had  two new visitors.

Firstly, Mr and Mrs Blackbird have taught themselves how to get at the fatballs by jumping up and pecking at them, before dropping on to the floor… well that was early in the week, today Mr Blackbird was hanging off the feeder and eating..  no one seems to have told them that they are ground feeders!  We forgive them as they have a nest in the apple tree in the garden so must be very hungry feeding all the babies.

The second visitor is a greater spotted woodpecker who has been at the peanuts  for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day – you could almost set your watch by him – we think he must also have young nearby.

On my early morning walk to Turnaware today I also disturbed a sparrowhawk who was just sitting on a  fencepost – he may be to blame for the big reduction in sparrows we have noticed this year in the garden.

In the creek by Turnaware we have a pair of resident mallards who have just produced two ducklings.  Also at Turnaware and along the creek we had a peak of 36 swans at  New Year (I am convinced they all congregated for a party- well we do!) they have now gradually dispersed over to Trelissick and upriver. We now have only one young male left so we hope he finds a mate soon as swans are sociable creatures.

Off to St Anthony’s Head later this week so I will let you know about the seabirds currently around as well.