Birdwatching on the Roseland

The dawn chorus is definitely in full swing now and we have some new visitors to the garden – the yellowhammers are back. We have one pair visiting daily, eating the seed that has fallen from the feeders. You can tell its spring as the male has a very bright yellow markings on his head and chest.

We also have a number of cirl buntings nesting in the hedgerows down to Turnaware. These are pretty rare in this country and were declining until around 2000. The RSPB in cooperation with a number of farmers on the Roseland have had a breeding and releasing programme and numbers are now increasing. They are a bit smaller than the yellow hammers and also have yellow markings. The male has a very black chin and eye stripe.

Not being an experienced birdwatcher I have to look very hard to make sure sure which of the two I am seeing!