Blustery Walk and Litter Collection on the beach

Just back from a glorious windswept walk along Killigerran Head and Towan beach – there are just mountains of seaweed on the beach blown up by the recent strong winds. However although smelly at least the seaweed can’t harm anything or anybody.

Sadly along with the seaweed had come masses of plastic rubbish – empty plastic bottles, bits of carrier bags, a few fish crates and other miscellaneous items. We were so cross, we set about clearing some of it up and piling it by the footpath – we know the National Trust will collect it all up during the week.

It makes you realise just how much plastic there is floating arond in our seas and plastic never biodegrades. It just breaks down into small pieces but does not disappear. So we gave ourselves a small pat on the back not only for collecting the rubbish but for supporting the Marine Conservation Trustt with our Visitor Gifting Scheme.

Next time you book online with us remember to tick that little box to make a small donation to their funds to help keep our beaches clean and don’t forget for every pound you donate Roundhouse Barns match funds it.  At the risk of sounding like a supermarket – Every Little Helps.