Chaos at The Carthouse

Knowing what a great photographer and a perfectionist Bob Berry is, we asked him to come and hang the new pictures that he had taken for us in The Carthouse.

Imagine our horror then, with guests out for the day, when Bob managed to drill through one of our central heating pipes while he was hanging the tryptic in the lounge.  Piping hot water gushed out of the drill hole.

After things had calmed down, Bob described his language as “creative” and a little “Anglo-saxon” in origin!

We managed to stem the flow of water, got plumbers in at short notice (special thanks to Justin and Steve at Concept Bathroms) and by 8pm in the evening, the normal peace and tranquiliy at Roundhouse Barns was restored….

It’s a good job that walls do not have ears – what say you Bob?

Seriously, we are delighted with the new pictures and hope that our guests enjoy them as much as we do.