Don’t you just love graffitti (not)…

We took the dogs out to St Anthony Head late yesterday afternoon.  T’was a wonderful walk.  The sky was as blue as we’ve seen it in months, there was not a cloud to be seen and it was so still you could hear the fishermen chatting as they were hauling in their lobster and crab pots just off the headland.

Our mutts had a great time – on the scent of pheasants, putting them up like there was no tomorrow and then watching them soar over the cliff edge to find a safer roost further down, amongst the bracken and blackberry brambles as they plunge into Fal estuary. So far, neither Pongo or Barney have displayed lemming-like tendencies – but when Barney (in particular) gets on the trail of something, nothing seems to stop him…..

Anyway, back to the main reason for this blog entry….

As we approached the end of our road on the way back home – we saw to our horror that one of our two brown tourist signs – the signs that took the Council 18 months to put up after we first approached them – had been “anointed” with a spray-painted luminous green graffiti arrow.   We couldn’t work out why there was an arrow on our sign until Barbara took the dogs down to Turnaware Beach for a walk this morning.  There was a Beach Party there last night and the revellers needed directions to get there – there’s another luminous green arrow on the concrete roadway approaching Turnaware Beach. I fear we’ll find more arrows as we travel to Portscatho later today.

It’s obvious isn’t it…  you’re having a beach party down at Turnware Point so you need to spray luminous green arrows on every possible sign to make sure that the party-goers know how to get to the beach….

Now, we not against parties – lord knows, we too were young once (not that long ago honest) and probably partied as hard – if not harder than today’s “Youff”.  But what took probably about 3 seconds to spray on to our tourist signs took us  (well Mark actually) 2 hours of hard graft with bleach, sif and scouring pads to remove.  Soul destroying really.

But what was heartening was the number of people in cars (locals and tourists alike) who stopped, asked what Mark was doing and expressed surprise that this sort of thing happened on The Roseland.  To be fair, it doesn’t. St Mawes, St  Just In Roseland, Portscatho and Tregony and beautiful little villages and have that real sense of community and looking after each other.  Let’s hope this was a small (albeit irritating) action that won’t be repeated.

We’ve reported the matter to Plod, but no response at yet..  We’ll keep you posted…