First fix nearly completed

What a first couple of weeks we’ve had with our refurbishment works.

First of all, it was too cold to build our new boiler store – cement will not harden below 5C.

Second,  every time  we brought a ceiling down – all planned honest(!), we found electrics and plumbing, that, whilst perfectly safe weren’t quite what we were had expected.

Third, once we created the new windows in Cockle Cottage, unfortunately the bulk of the render and plaster on the walls gave up the ghost and landed on the floor – so we’ve had square metre upon square metre of (unbudgeted) render and plaster to apply.

BUT, inspite of these setbacks, our plumbing and electrical first fix works are (almost) complete and the new kitchen floor tiles start going down today.  We hope to have all these floor tiles laid by the end of the week.  Actually, hope is the wrong word.  MUST is a much better word because the kitchen base-units start being installed next Monday (1st Feb) .

Our workmen however have been marvellous.  We take stock with Justin and his team every Friday morning and if we’re slightly behind plan, Justin and his merry band of men turn up Saturdays and Sundays to get us back on track.  This is truely above and beyond the call of duty and we are profoundly grateful.

Next week is a big week for us – not only will the kitchens start being installed, but our oil-fired boilers are turned off, thrown away and new ones installed.  The whole installation process will take 2 weeks – during which time we will have no central heating…  Let’s hope for some unseasonally warm February weather.

Photos will folloow soon, but do please cross your fingers/ say a little prayer/raise a glass to us all at Roundhouse Barns for  productive (albeit a little chilly) few weeks refurbishing away.