Green energy cottages

“For goodness sake, make sure you hold on Dave” I felt like shouting out to Dave Ewins – our heating “God”.   Having got this far, the last thing we wanted was for Dave to literally fall off his perch.  He has near as damn it replumbed our entire house and for him to go to Plumber Heaven without seeing the fruits of his labours would be a massive tragedy (for us) and a complete disaster for Anna, his wife and their kids.

After waiting for what seemed like ages, our solar panels arrived last week and our Heating God was dangling precariously from roof ladders.  But without much incident or drama, over the space of 2 days, our new solar panels were up on the roof.  They only now need to be wired in to make the installation complete – Jimmy will hopefully do this next week…  or as the Cornish often say…  t’will be done Dreckly Sir…..

The plan is that we will use the energy from the sun to heat our hot water with our oil boilers only having to kick in at the last moment to take the water from 45 degrees to 60 degrees.  It should save us oodles of fuel oil – which, according to our accountant will be a very good thing.

More importantly however, it sends out a very clear message about our intentions – we want to become one of the greenest tourism accommodation providers in Cornwall.

Hold on tight please Dave...  we hate the sight of blood

Hold on tight please Dave… we hate the sight of blood