Green Woodpeckers, house martins and sparrows, its been a noisy summer!

The Green Woodpeckers keep appearing on the grass by Cockle Cottage, staying a while and then heading off to do some tree knocking!.

The House Martins are nesting next door at Commerrans Farm – my what noisy birds they are swooping and screeching all day in search of flies.

The sparrows usually nest in our hedge by the front door but for some reason one pair decided to have their second brood in a nest in the wisteria right by our kitchen window. From daylight to dusk the babies are twittering for food – we think there are four but maybe five. Their poor parents are flying in and out of the nest constantly to feed them – and poor us, if its not the constant twittering its the flash of brown as the adults fly past the window. A few fried eggs have nearly hit the floor as we dish up breakfast and a dart of brown goes past the window.

Hopefully the sparrows¬† are nearly ready to fly the nest now, the House Martins will migrate and we can have some peace……