Grey Seals are back on the Roseland

After seeing a couple of youngish grey seals a few times now down the lane at Turnaware we headed off at the weekend to the coastal footpath to see if the usual seal colony had arrived. They usually pup  at a small shingle beach  between Killigerran Head and Towan Beach. Alas only one heavily pregnant female was spotted but we are sure the rest of the family will be back soon and we can again spend hours watching them with the binoculars!

Talking of binoculars, now we have a bit more time to stand and gaze we spotted a little white egret, a dunlin, two oystercatchers and a curlew at low tide at Pelyn Creek today – however while we were gazing at the wiildlife  – Pongo (the spotty dog) decided that he really needed to go running in the mud – so now we have a black and white spotted dog with four brown legs and a brown tummy and that river mud is really quite whiffy!

Must remember low tide is good for bird watching not so good for keeping dogs clean….