Groundworks nearly complete

We took the decision last October to move our oil tank up to the top of our driveway.  It was far too close to Cockle Cottage for our liking.  We knew it meant a bit of digging up, but little prepared us for the Somme-like conditions of our driveway.  We had a 1 metre deep trench all the way up our driveway.  The dogs of course love it, but it has been a bit draining for us. Thank goodness it’s not been too wet down here in January (so far).

Knowing that we would be in for a bit of “disruption”, we also took the opportunity to lay a new water main to the house.  But of course, we don’t do things by halves…  so we also decided to get a drilling rig in to dig a new borehole thereby ensuring we never run out of water.  70 meters down, our drillers hit water and we are now  getting over 2 gallons of water per minute out of the ground.  That’s great news and one of the fastest producing boreholes on the Roseland we are told.

And while we were at it, we’ve re-sited all our water purification plant from the garage into a new plant room by our water storage tanks (so if we ever have a leak we won’t trash the garage like we did in December 2010).  I think we’ve got more electronics and gadgetry in our borehole plant room than on the flight deck of a Jumbo Jet.  Scarey really.

And finally (!), we’re concreting in rather smart new granite kerbstones all the way down our driveway together with swish new driveway lights.

We’re-open again on 2 February and there is still a lot to do before we are “guest-ready”…  new chippings for the driveway and a new slate patio to be laid for our B&B guests to use (should smarten up the gaff a treat).  We’ve also got the painters coming in for 10 days to freshen up the cottages and B&B rooms.  Oh, we’ve also got the tilers in to reseal all our travertine floors and walls in our bathrooms and kitchens.  Errrr and for good measure, we’ve also increasing the insulation in our loft and boarding more of it out.

A quiet winter (not).  Roll on when we’re open for business.  It will be a lot easier! 🙂