How many times do you have to wash down slate tiles to get rid of the grout gunk?

I write this blog from my bed.  I had my coccyx removed a few weeks ago, but unfortunately the wound became badly infected.  I had to toddle off to hospital again last week to be opened back up again and washed out before they stitched me up again.  It sounds such a straight forward procedure, but ohhh the pain….(Mark)

Anyway, enough of my medical trials and tribulations, how’s the refurb work coming along?

Without my cajoling of Justin and his merry band this week,  I sense we might have lost a bit of momentum here.  That’s not to say we’re behind schedule.   We’re not.  But we simply don’t seem to be able to get anything bloomin’ finished.  At present, we’re a day away from Cockle Cottage being handed back to us.  And The Dairy kitchen is almost there as well….

Justin’s mob are not in any way swinging the lead; but just when we think that Fred or Steve will complete “x” today, they move on to start something else.  And yes, that something else does need doing.  There’s no doubting that.  But why oh why not finish “x” first to give us that much needed adenalin rush of being able to cross it off the burgeoning “Must-Do before we open for business again” list instead of leaving things 95% done ?….

And to make matters worse, how many times do you need to wipe down slate tiles to clean off the grout before they can be sealed?  It’s one of those questions for which there is no logical or empirically based answer – like why does buttered toast always land butter-side down on carpet? Or why is curry the only food you ever drop down your front to stain your shirt?..

The new bathroom in Cockle Cottage looks amazing with its black slate tiles on the walls and floor.  But I’ve given up counting the number of times its been washed down and still you can see dirty marks on it, we just need to get it clean once so it can be sealed – then it will be easy to keep clean ….

On a slightly more positive note, we sent an email to the St Mawes and the Truro Tourist Information Centres earlier today.  We’ve invited them out here to view the completed works on 25th March.  Hopefully, I will be fit enough by then to start baking scones.  If not, then we may have to raid the St Mawes bakery.

I hope also to be off the antibiotics by then.  I’ve not had a drink now for 6 days, 11 hours and 9 minutes.  Can you tell?

I am so looking forward to a glass of fizz at our grand re-opening.

Note from Barbara -as you can probably tell Mark is not being the easiest of patients right now – I may need a glass of fizz or two myself!