Kingfisher sighting

Its been very quiet lately – with all the holidaymakers around- a lot of the wildlife has retreated into the more secluded areas of the river. However my luck was in last weekend – I walked down the Messack path towards St Just church and then took a right turning – there is a pool through a gate where the dogs swim when the tide is in – when the tide is out I avoid it,  as the dogs try swimming in the mud – which makes for very muddy dogs!

When we got to the pool I noticed a bird at the top of a dead tree and as I threw the first stick in the water I realised it was a kingfisher – I was suprised it stayed there and watched us for around twenty minutes before it flew away with a flash of blue feathers. Shortly afterwards a mallard duck flew in and joined us – also seemingly unperturbed by the swimming and splashing the dogs were doing.

It’s only the second time I have seen the kingfisher – the first was also on an incoming tide quite close to high water – obviously a good time for fishing. Well worth keeping your eyes peeled if you try any of the Roseland river walks.