Looking forward to our reopening party

Well, after a huge amount of blood and sweat (not to mention the odd tear or two), we’ve finally done it!

Roundhouse Barns opens for the Press tomorrow and for our first set of (paying) guests for 2010 on Friday. We’re delighted with the outcome of the refurbishment work – we hope our visitors will also enjoy the fruits of our labour.

The heros of the last week have been Lizzie and Cath – our two cleaning whirlwinds.  We’ve given up counting how many times they’ve hoovered, scrubbed, dusted, rearranged, polished etc etc.  Simply amazing support from these two ladies – we are massively grateful to them both.

Bob the photographer has come and gone.  We’ve previewed some of his new pictures – look out for them on our website in a week or two.

So what does tomorrow bring…  apart from good weather we hope?  Mark will be baking scones for our invited guests; Barbara has a few plants to pot up and then we put on our posh togs for an 11:00 grand reopening.

We also forgot until yesterday that Bridget from enjoyEngland comes to visit us at 2pm tomorrow to grade our self caterimng cottages for the 2010 season.  Will we retain our 4 stars and gold award?…  How will Briget assess us now that our refurbishment work has been completed?

Watch this space for news after all our guests and Briget have left us to relax and unwind for 24 hours before the season starts in earnest.