Rare Hoopoe sighted at Roundhouse Barns

Well, my walks have not generated much of interest 0n the nature front this week, but the garden has been a veritable treasure trove.

Last year Mark said he saw a strange pink bird with a crest on the back lawn – we went through the whole bird book and he identified it as a Hoopoe – no I said it can’t have been – there are only a hundred or so seen in the whole of England each year (I privately thought he had been seeing things).

Lo and behold on Sunday this week I said – “what’s that woodpecker doing on the lawn,  oh no its not a woodpecker its something very different”.

“Thats it”  says Mark “thats what I saw this time last year”

Well (unusually) I had to eat my words, as he was exactly right. It was a Hoopoe and the RSPB have confirmed it is a very rare sight in this country – probably having overshot Spain and Portugal in the strong Easterly winds we have been having . It is a pinkish bird with black and white bars on its wings and a long bill. A very distinguished visitor – although only briefly as we have not seen it again.

We have also sighted a pair of siskins feeding on seed below the bird feeders – they might make up for the fact that the yellowhammers that nested here last year have decided to make a home further down the lane  for this year. The siskins are very pretty birds with yellowy/greeny bodies and a very distinctive forked tail, a bit smaller than a green finch.

It would be great to hear from anyone else that has ever seen a Hoopoe, drop us a comment on the blog if you have.

Bye for now.