Record number of grey seals

Our usual colony of grey seals who come ashore to breed on a small beach near Towan started arriving in mid November and last week I counted a record number of 27 hauled up at low tide. – Last year the maximum was 16 and then after the local paper printed an article about them warning people to stay away – guess what happened. After being constantly disturbed they left us early in February and I was worried as to whether they would come back this year. Fortunately they have and we have had 7 pups this year!

Also we have new seals at Turnaware – at least two regular visitors and one occasional who are to be seen on incoming tides (that’s when the fish come in). They are probably between 1 and two years old and are frequently just playing around in shallow water in the creek. Good job the B&B is closed as the morning dog walks seem to be getting much longer when the seals are about!