Red Kites sighted at St Antony Head

A blustery but fine day yesterday saw us take our two faithful hounds out to St Antony’s Head for a walk along the coastal path to Towan Beach.

We were rewarded by seeing a magnificent Red Kite close to Zone Point (the most southerly part of the Roseland Peninsula).  T’was hovering on the thermals and breeze about 15ft in the air with its beady eyes clearly showing interest in some animal life in the field below.  We stood there for 20 minutes simply observing this wonderful bird of prey.

According to our RSPB Book, them’s bird’s not from ’round yer…  But this is the second time we’ve seen a Red Kite.  We saw one last year in a tree close to our barns.  Our guests Jim and Pippa Preston have the photos to prove it.  But alas this time, no camera, just great memories.

Jim and Pippa told us that a small number of Red Kites were tagged and released in Cornwall a few years ago.  If that is the case, we’re pleased to confirm that Kites do exist down ‘ere.

A wonderful sight….. and we’ve already shared the news with the RSPB.