Riverside walk to St Just in Roseland church

I walked along the lane from Roundhouse Barn and across the Messack footpath through the woods and came to the creek path. The tide was out so there was a lot of mud on which a number of  black headed gulls were dipping for worms. Further along where there was a bit more water a solitary grey heron was standing still, just waiting for fish on the turning tide.

Arriving at the church and St Just Pool I waited in vain for a sight of a kingfisher, we have seen on here once before but it was at high tide, no luck today.

Returning along the fields, I could hear a number of skylarks warbling overhead, it always amazes me that such small brown birds can produce such a beautiful tune. The pasture and hedgerows are also alive with butterflies at this time of year. I spotted over a dozen Meadow Browns, a couple of Gatekeepers and a pair of Red Admirals, as well as some smaller white butterflies I need to look up to identify.

The glorious sunshine we are having is obviously appreciated by all creatures as well as us!

Back with another nature update next week.