Scones, cake, curds etc – it’s the annual St Just in Roseland Show

Having been here for 4 summers now, we decided to enter the local Village Show.  It’s a combination of all of the good bits of the WI (home baking, veg from the garden) and the lovely relaxed feel and fun of a school/village fete.

We decided to enter a few of the baking/veg competition categories…..

Mark baked a marmalade cake, some of his scones. and cooked up a passion fruit curd.  We also raided the vegetable garden and entered our shallots, red and white onions, runner beans and a hydrangea in the show.

In a packed village hall (ages 6 – 90), we found out who won what…..

Our curd was a complete non-runner according to the judges.  They didn’t like the taste (although we love it).  Back to the drawing board next year me thinks. That said, we were pleased with a 3rd place for our scones (the recipe wasn’t Cornish enough apparently) and a “highly commended” for the marmalade cake.

On the veg side, we had bit of success too – picking up a 2nd for longest runner bean (although it was completely inedible), and a 3rd for our white onions.  Our red onions, shallots and hydrangea’s did not feature in the judge’s awards.

It was astonishing just how much effort people had put into the village show.  There was a prize leek which, I swear was as wide as my forearm and about as long as my arm!  What on earth do they feed this things with?…

The kids section was also fantastic – everything from handicrafts and creative writing to cup cakes and photography.

The whole show was a massive tribute to the organising committee’s hard work – Wendy & Susan in particular.

We will have to rethink our entry strategy for next year (sounds a little too serious doesn’t it!)….