Self catering refurbishment works start tomorrow

I write this blog experiencing both huge anticipation and a fair dollop of trepidation.

Tomorrow, the much heralded refurbishment in our self catering cottages starts.  We’ve got 9 weeks for Justin and his team of bathroom and kitchen installers to rip out and replace 3 bathrooms and 3 kitchens.  Oh… and to make it slightly more stressful for us both, we’re also:

  • knocking down our boiler houses
  • replacing our old oil-fired boilers, with new super-efficient ones
  • installing 2 new hot water storage tanks
  • fitting 2 new pumps to pressurise our hot and cold water supplies; and
  • housing all of this in a newly constructed Plant Room…

Oops, silly me, I forgot,…. we’re also installing solar panels on our roofs to heat our hot water.

The men from Lanes Removal turn up tomorrow to whip out all our lovely furniture, fixtures and fittings and to put it into store while these works progress.

I am sure there will be some twists and turns along the way, but at present, we are both so terribly excited after such a relaxing Christmas and New Year.  Lord knows how our mutts (Barney and Pongo) will cope – but we’ll update you later in the week on their well-being and also the progress we’ve made.

Who ever said that January was a quiet month?!     🙂