Swallows and Hobbies

I have noticed a large flock of swallows on my walks down to Turnaware Point, but imagine our suprise when we saw one being chased across our garden by what turned out to be a youngish Hobby. These  are the same size as a kestrel but have longer pointed wings and a short tail – it was amazingly quick at turning in flight, but we are pleased to report that particular swallow managed to get away.

“Our” swan at Turnaware has definately paired up with a female and is to be seen most days with his new partner.  As well as the pair of grey herons we have also been spotting little egrets – which are white – since early June. These are mainly summer visitors to England so it will be interesting to see how long these ones stay around.

This week after a day of heavy rain a cormorant was perched on the rocks the other side of the creek – just having a bit of a wash and a brush up, we have often seen them fishing in the river but  thats a first to see one on the creekside.

Our friends on the Orca sea safari  have now spotted basking sharks in the past few weeks and today a pod of bottle nose dolphins – we may have to book ourselves another trip soon – its a great way to see the wildlife from the water.