Tilin’, groutin’, kitchen fittin’… next week we’ll be flyin’

While we were away in London getting Mark’s coccyx cut off, Justin was left here to man the refurbishment-fort at Roundhouse Barns.

It’s typical isn’t it…  the moment we leave, Justin hits problems with other things that need putting right before we can take the next step forward.  This time, it’s the long wall in Cockle Cottage bathroom.  The render and plaster is so blown, it all needs to come off.  And when it comes off, we find that the original barn wall is so wonky, even a Cornishman after a good night out on Rattler would struggle to use it to stand up straight.  Then there was this, and then there was that….  Poor old Justin….

So, we arrive back home on Friday and survey the building site that used to be our home and gardens.  It’s the first time we feel uneasy about our schedule…  What does it feel like?..  It’s nothing you can really take any medication for…  I can only describe it as that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach the morning you’ve got an exam to take….

So, we have a tricky conversation on Friday afternoon reviewing progress with Justin.  I resist saying something crass like “No Justin, we don’t need more manpower, we just need to work smarter and focus on the end deliverables…”   He would (rightly) lamp me one.   Jointly we agree we need to launch a big push…  We agree we need more manpower.  We also agree that Justin and a few chaps come here Saturday morning to do some catching up.

Well, we’re now just blown away…  Justin and 3 of his merry band work all Saturday.  End result?….  Cockle Cottage kitchen has got a brand new slate floor laid, sealed and grouted.  The Dairy bathroom ceiling is plasterboarded ready for Mark, the plasterer (Ed:  Not this Mark, I can assure you)

Come Sunday morning, there are more bangs and crashes coming from downstairs as we awaken from our slumber.  Justin is here again – and three more of his team turn up at 8.30am…  It’s SUNDAY FOR GOODNESS SAKE – A DAY OF REST…  Well, that’s what we think; but we dare not say this to Justin…  we worry he may simply see sense, head-off home and sit back in his armchair reading the Sunday papers.  By the end of the day, we’ve got new kitchen units installed in The Dairy and The Carthouse.

And, blow me down, we are near as damn it back on track:

  • A few days of intensive chippy-work to finish the boxing in all 3 bathrooms,
  • A kitchen fitting frenzy in Cockle Cottage,
  • Granite templaters arriving and doing what they need to do…

and by the end of the week, we’ll be ready to start tiling the 3 bathrooms…

And if we get there?….  Let me use Justin’s favourite phrase for once…  “Mark, we’ll be fly-in’ ….. ”

I hope to report aerial acrobatics next weekend!