Titivating and tarting up

We are now so nearly there with our refurbishment work.

The removal men delivered all our furniture back from storage today.  Despite the lashing rain, it’s all back in place, reasonably dry and in good condition (apart from one door that is slightly damaged).

So what’s left then?..

Not a lot really apart from a bloomin good clean.  Paul, our completely laid back painter for whom this week’s chaos simply washed over him, needs to put a final coat of paint on the walls inside The Dairy.  Then, some of the old doors need triming down as a result of tiles going on floors, a bit of guttering on the plant room needs sorting out and a few new double glazing panels need fitting.

Oops.. forgot that  the new plant room render needs a couple of coats of exterior paint and 20 tonnes of gravel needs spreading up the driveway…

Damn it, there’s also some pointing on a few paving slabs.  Which reminds me, the rest of the rear patio needs to be pressure washed.  And all the TVs, DVD players and satellite boxes need connecting up and retuning.

And then we’ve got to create new folders for each cottage to put the instructions for the new ovens, hobs, dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines.  Also, the new tourist leaflets need to go in the tourist information folders in each cottage and the 2 B&B rooms..

And also, there’s some snagging to sort out in the new B&B bathrooms…

What a weekend we have ahead of us.  We definitely won’t be putting our feet up.

And it all needs doing by close of play on Monday (whenever close of play is).  This is because Bob, the photographer is booked in on Tuesday and Wednesday to take some images for our new brochure and the website.  And we also have a Press Launch here on Thursday showcasing our refurbishment work.

Nuff said?

We’re on large G&Ts tonight.