Tractor ablaze in neighbouring field

The local farmers have been hard at it recently, ploughing the fields and sowing spring wheat and barley.

Imagine then our horror when we see one of our neighbours’ tractors ablaze shortly after 5pm a few nights ago.  We thought the worst and that someone might be trapped inside.  Fortunately, the local farm-hand had made a safe escape but was powerless to douse the flames.

Within minutes the entire tractor was engulfed, the body-work melted and the tyres disintegrated, but not before they released an acrid black smoke.  There was little left by the time the St Mawes firebrigade arrived!…  but they did at least get the opportunity to turn on their two-tones and speed along our windy roads.

The following day, a low-loader removed what remained of the old tractor.  What a mess it looked.

We have recently seen a new shiny tractor in the surrounding fields.  We’re not sure as yet whether its on hire or whether our local farming friends have already purchased a new John Deere to replace the burned out wreck.

It’s high drama here you know!