Works underway despite the snow

In my last blog, I wrote about both the excitement and the trepidation about the refurbishment works we’re starting this winter.  It’s now half way through day 3 and our lovely comfortable cottages have changed beyond all recognition!

The wall dividing the lounge and the kitchen in Cockle Cottage has been removed and gaping holes exist in the walls where new windows will eventually be installed.

Cockle’s bathroom is but a shell of its former self (thank goodness).

In The Carthouse, both the kitchen and bathrooms have been removed – giving us the blank canvass to create something special.

Justin and his team started work this afternoon ripping out the bathroom and kitchen in The Dairy.

In spite of the weather, work is currently proceeding to plan – the only frustration for us at present is the construction of our new boiler room.  This has to be delayed until the temeperatures rise above freezig point – apparently mortar will not “go off” in sub-zero temperatures.

Our only set-back to date was the old boiler breaking down last night but it has been nursed back into working order this morning by Joe, one of Justin’s electricians.  We’re so hoping that it will hold out until:

  • the weather warms up a bit and
  • the new boiler is installed and powered up.

We’ll upload photos on to our website in the next day or two so that you can follow our progress – well strictly speaking, it’s the progress of our builders!